Friday, 12 April 2013

How To Use Android Phones As Webcam for PC [via USB and Wireless ]

Imagine that you have very important work and want to use Skype or MSN video calling but haven’t any webcam  some days ago I have the same situation , after that I googled and found a very fantastic way to make video calls without buying a webcam . yes friends we can use our android phone as a webcam for pc. I have Tried this Trick with my Samsung Galaxy Y and it works well with skype .

There are two ways to use android as webcam -
  1. Wireless Using internet
  2. Using USB
Note: we can also use tablets for it

( I ) Use your phone as a webcam via wireless

This is the more flexible and best way that i prefer  to use
Requirements :
  1. Internet connection both on pc and phone
  2. Download free application called IPwebcam from here via android market
Follow these Steps: 
  1. install ipwebcam
  2. you can configure following preference  as you required, I leave all things default
    • communications port
    • enable / disable sound
    • disable / enable the notifications
    • use android as pc wireless webcam
  3. After all thing is configures ,click on ‘start server’
  4. and it will turn your camera on , you will see in upper left corner of screen a button appeared called ‘How do I connect?’ 
  5. lick on that button  
  1. and you will receive a URL with the port 
  2. All you have to do is open your browser and type this address and you will find a screen with various items and options:
You can view your Camera in Several Ways:
  • Open stream in media player, VLC Such as
  • Open remote control panel for use with third-party software and mediaplayers
  • Use Java browser plugin
  • Use JavaScript to update frames in the browser for IE, Playstation and Wii. Use, if your browser do not support natively MJPG
  • Use browser built-in viewer (not supported by all browsers)
  • Use tinyCam Monitor on another Android device
  • Connect to PC for use with Skype and other videochats on Windows
  • Take full-resolution photo with or without auto-focus (to put phone into silent mode to Prevent shutter sound)
  • Immediate download video frame
Third-party software support:
You can choose any option as your need and enjoy video calling, voice chatting with android webcam

(II) Use your phone as a webcam via USB

This process will also allow you to use your Android as a webcam, but you’ll have to connect the phone / tablet via USB cable! Here’s what to do:
  1. First make sure your phone is recognized when connected, this means that you have correctly installed the drivers of your Android phone e.g. when you install kies for samsung mobiles it install drivers on PC for your phone
  2. Download and install USB webcam on your smartphone
  3. Download and install the USB Webcam desktop client  [ download via MULTIUPLOAD ]
  4. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and wait until the PC recognizes the device
  5. Now launch the USB Webcam desktop client. Please do not close the MS-DOS command prompt window that automatically opens
  6. Now start the app USB Webcam  from your phone
  7. we’re  almost done , now you can start the program you want to use with webcam (eg, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, etc..)
And do not forget to set GWebcamVideo as a webcam to use (usually in the settings of programs that support a webcam)

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