Monday, 9 September 2013

SmartSMS – Free for ANDROID


SmartSMS – Free

Welcome to SmartSMS, the next generation SMS app: fast, lightweight and smart!
INSTALLED BY MORE THAN 100,000 people!

SmartSMS has the following features:

SmartSMS - Free-2

- complete support for SMS: reading/writing, sending, receiving
- partial support for MMS (reading/deleting/locking)

- conversation list grouped by contacts (with multiple addresses) and message list with bubbles style or simple style

- pictures of contact from address book, number of received/sent/unread messages, draft and smart date of last message (e.g., ‘yesterday’ instead of the full date)

- compact messages arrived in short time, smart ordering (never have messed up messages like in other apps!)

- complete customizable notifications: sound, vibration, LED color, icon, notifications for individual address and reminders

- expandable status bar notifications (JellyBean) with contact pictures and actions (mark as read, delete, call), or privacy mode with only sender or completely anonymous 

SmartSMS - Free-1

nice notification popup supporting multiple messages with quick reply, delete, close, view, call, text-to-speech and animations
- nice UI themes with possibility to fully customize colors and sizes with animation of sent/received/deleted messages and conversations for each address
- automatically re-send messages on error
- fast integrated backup/restore messages on SD (the fastest on Google Play!)
- multiple selection and batch/quick actions menu by touching contact picture
- different emoticon themes and Emoji* for IOS6 support also from popup!
- archive and privacy hidden inbox with privacy notifications and black list for unwanted senders
- widget with last unread message
- (PRO) app locker with password
- (PRO) widget to fast lock/unlock
*) for Emoji you need to download the SmartSMS Emoji plugin


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