Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ubuntu Tutorial-Why do you use Ubuntu: PART 2

Those who missed to grab a copy of our first and popular tutorial section for Ubuntu, here is a weblink to get into the first tutorial section for the new visitors.

Are you got confused to select Linux Distro from the lots of Distro available on the Market? Why I am saying this because the requirement of each Linux user is different. Like one who needs to work on the video editing then he shouldn’t require the tools required by a Programmer. Hence the necessary software would be different for working in these two above requirement. That’s why the Linux Distro is different depending on the requirement by the different types of Users who are associated with different professional work related field. But for the most common user the Linux Distro is same where one can write data on Notes, brows internet, listen songs, watch movie, play games etc. So in respective to the common work as I mentioned above the most useful distro in the market is Ubuntu.

Why will you use ubuntu?
Ubuntu is developed from the core (linux kernel) hence it has all the enhanced feature for security to stability and that is the reason it has become most popular OS nowadays. So friends, let me take you to a new world of Linux ubuntu where you will get to know about the ubuntu features which eventually separated this distro from the others developed in the market.
Desktop Interface:- This specific distro is developed based on most powerful distro like Debian keeping in mind the basic needs of People. Hence the Ubuntu Slogan is Linux for human beings. In earlier time it was assumed that those who use Linux are one type of genius who works vigorously in entering commands. But those days are gone. Linux commands are replaced with desktop interface for last few years and specifically ubuntu has taken Linux in to another level of using computer. Now it is not necessary to require high professional computer savvy people to use ubuntu as it is so user friendly. You know my friend in regards to the user friendly feature ubuntu is much easier than Microsoft windows and hence Microsoft respect ubuntu.
Ubuntu Software Center:- The installation process of Ubuntu OS is very easy. You can easily install ubuntu by clicking only mouse with very few steps. You do not need to browse google for installing software. You will get a large bank of software repository where you will find thousand of software. You just need to open the repository bank and click on the necessary software and it will automatically get installed. The software are also getting updated very easily.
Let me tell you my friend that the main advantage of ubuntu is that it has large number of user community. Ubuntu is the largest community for Linux. If you face any issue with ubuntu you just need to click for help through this large community and you can receive enormous help from this large community sector.
Live CD use:- A live CD can be used for a quick demo or test of Ubuntu. The standard Ubuntu Cd can be used as a Live Cd as well as an installer. You can run all necessary application from the Live CD without installing any software. Even you can run internet from the Live CD.
Ubuntu Forum:- Ubuntu offers support for a great deal of computer hardware and will run on most computers. Hence ubuntu doesn’t face any issue while installing hardware devices like wireless network adapter. Now a days all leading computer brands like Dell, Hp, Lenovo they releases all their hardware drivers keeping in mind the usage of Ubuntu. So friends, you won’t get any problem while installing drivers in Ubuntu.
Long term Support:- Ubuntu is the flag bearer of Linux simply because it came at the right time and because it's a huge marketing effort - one which its user base helps spread the word. Ubuntu is being selected by the pioneer company like Google as their Operating systems & they renamed it as Goobuntu created based on the 'long term support'-versions of ubuntu & it is used internally by Google So friends, let’s start using ubuntu collect your own ubuntu from ubuntu website.

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