Sunday, 28 August 2011

Netbook ZYREX EP1210 Green Sky

With the standard specification style netbooks, Zyrex comes with a practical and concise. invisible thing that stands out from either side of the specifications and facilities, except physical form that looks more sleek and small. Itself only weighs about 1 kg with the thinness of 2.3 to 2.8 cm only. Although most netbooks have been equipped with an Intel Atom newer, this series still uses Intel's Atom N455 processor. Own memory capacity is only 1 GB which can be expanded up to 2 GB. Media used for shelf-sized 250 GB hard drive.

10.1-inch screen can be maximized to achieve a resolution of 1024x600. In terms of versatility, the screen can only be tilted up to 135 °. To get a better sound output, stereo speakers placed on either side of the screen so that it can get a clearer sound than placed in the down position as in most netbooks. A somewhat unique is a webcam placed on the left side-not on top of the screen like most netbooks. But this was not disturbing because the camera can still capture your position without the need to tilt the seat position.

Simplicity is also evident from the absence of additional shortcut buttons on the body of this Zyrex Sky EP1210. There are only four simple indicator that shows the activity of devices such as Power, WiFi, hard drive, and battery indicator that will light up if the battery capacity is low.

Use of this netbook itself fairly comfortable except the touchpad is too sensitive. Kinda hard to control the cursor or click because the touchpad is often run by itself. Though he tried to get used to, we finally decided that it would be more convenient to use an external mouse.

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