Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bitdefender Total Security 2011

Bitdefender Total Security 2011 is that security system. Much improved from earlier versions, it now also gives protection when surfing the internet or downloading files. It will efficiently scan emails and IM conversations, as well as scanning your computer files and programs. Any financial transactions such as banking or shopping online are also made even safer because of the enhanced encryptions that have been added.

With updates that can be performed automatically or manually, you can be sure that Bitdefender Total Security 2011 has the most up-to-the-minute settings. The support system can be accessed both online and offline, and includes: email, live chat, in product, and free-phone support, as well as a forum and knowledge base for any other questions or queries you may have.

The 2011 version also comes with video tutorials that help with th configuration process. With its new active virus control monitoring every process on your computer around the clock, you no longer have to worry about any malicious activity causing any damage. The new detection upgrades include multi-layered proactive technologies that will take care of any new threats to your computer. Smart tips will give personalized suggestions or warnings about things that are relevant to a specific user’s activity.

Bitdefender Total Security 2011 includes some of the older features which have been much improved, as well as some completely new features that are designed to make use and reliability of the product better than ever before. The new search advisor feature displays safety ratings for all websites in the search window allowing the user to avoid possibly infected sites. The old feature of the enhanced dashboard is still in effect making the product easy to use for beginners and experts alike.

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