Sunday, 22 January 2012

Spyware Doctor With AntiVirus

Spyware Doctor With AntiVirus
Spyware Doctor With AntiVirus Is A Killer! Once you run the installer it will download a small update of virus, malware, and spyware definitions… After the install is done, the malware scanner will start scanning the selected drives. This is a quick and painless process and should not take any longer than 5 minutes. All malware detected will be displayed and you will be given the option to handle this. Once you obtain a registration key, simply enter it in and remove all of the malware/viruses that were found.

A great feature of Spyware Doctor’s Antivirus is that it can be fully functional (install and scan) when running Windows in safe-mode, which most PC security tools cannot offer. This can come in VERY HANDY when your computer is infected with malware which interrupts Windows from booting up properly.
Got Malware? Not A Problem For This Malware Removal Tool
When testing out new anti-malware software, we like to infect our machines as much as possible with recent malware and spyware just to see how good the software really is… But before we do that, we always run it on a clean PC.

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus finished its first scan in about 45 minutes and finished its second scan it just over half an hour. This is typical for many scanners once an initial scan has been performed. What’s so great about this malware removal tool is that it takes full advantage of your PC’s idle time and can ramp up its scans. If your computer is running low on power or using a lot of its resources, the scanner will slow itself down and not cause any interruptions.

Finished Scan. Detected Malware… Now What?
When the scan is finished, Spyware Doctor will list everything that it detected. You’ll be able to see what the threat level is, if there is a registry error associated with it, and you’ll still be able to access all of this once you quarantine the infected files. The common user will just select “cleanup”, but some of us geeks like to keep that information handy.

PC Tools really did an amazing job this time around. After we flooded our test PC with malware, Spyware Doctor with Antivirus managed to not only to detect all of the malware, but it was able to remove 100% of the malware detected. Now that’s what we like to see!
Overall, Spyware Doctor with Antivirus GETS OUR #1 RANKING for best malware removal and scanner. Simply put… This software rocks!

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