Thursday, 12 January 2012

Twitter Now Streaming Tweets From Artists With Verified Accounts to Music & Video Apps

Twitter has become an important medium for artists and consumers of multimedia alike. Twitter has recently partnered with an online service that mines data from the Twitter stream for relevant information and updates on artists for use on mobile apps.

Twitter has announced partnerships with three music-data services, namely The Echo Nest, Gracenote and Rovi, for the distribution of tweets from popular artists. With the new service, Twitter account data, tweets and mentions from of musicians with verified Twitter accounts can now appear on music apps running on iOS, Android and other platforms.

One particular partner, Echo Nest, will use its Rosetta Stone service to retrieve tweets and other data from Twitter, which will then be integrated with apps like Spotify Radio, Nokia, Rdio, MOG, EMI andiHeartRadio. With the service, listeners can receive Twitter updates from artists while they listen to said artists’ songs on their smartphones, tablets or web browsers.

Meanwhile, Gracenote, which provides music data to iTunes, HTC smartphones, Ford SYNC and Sony Bravia TV sets, will likewise be integrating tweets from artists, so that listeners and viewers will also be able to get these updates as they watch shows or listen to music. Twitter plans to let more companies access its API, so that artist tweets can reach a wider audience. Of course, the only limitation here is that artists will need to have a verified account in the first place.

To date, one app is already running the service, particularly the Discovr Music for iOS (pictured above), which now pulls in tweets from artists, and displays tweets mentioning said artists, whenever their songs are played.

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