Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ubuntu Tutorial-Difference between Linux and Ubuntu :PART- 1

Those who are beginner in Linux and always accustomed with the term Linux everywhere will be surprised to hear a new term like ubuntu. They don’t find the differentiation between Linux and ubuntu. Let me ask few questions..
Is ubuntu a version of Linux like XP, vista for Windows? Or ubuntu and Linux are same.
If ubuntu is considered to be Linux then what is Red hat Linux?
Is red hat Linux a different version of Linux?

There are lots of Questions in the world of Linux which keep roaming in our head and we get lost somewhere. So those who are confused with the jargons of Linux and with different terms, please don’t worry. Here are some easy and simple ubuntu tutorial which will guide you to understand about Linux and ubuntu.
Let me tell you my friends that Linux is not at all an operating system. Surprised!!!! Let us discuss this in brief way. Till today you all have learnt that Linux is an operating system like Windows but I am saying that Linux is not an operating system. Why? Let’s find it out. In each and every operating system there is a main part which is known as kernel. We can simply assume that kernel is the heart of each and every OS. The kernel is the main component of most computer operating systems; it acts as a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. Linux is a kernel in one word. Kernel is also present in windows or in MAC OS. The name of kernel for windows XP, 7 is NT while for MAC it is known as XNU. If we add different application & program with kernel then the addition product is knows as Operating System. So in mathematical formula it looks like as below:
Look, it is so easy!!! Isn’t it my friends?
So in plain and simple sentence, ubuntu is created with the addition of different application & software like gnome, open office, gimp, totem movie player, rhythm box audio player and between the kernels of Linux.
Hence the mathematical formula is:-

Let me tell you my friend that you won’t get windows kernel anywhere even after if you decide to pay a lumsum amount to Microsoft. On the other hand you see, Linux kernel is absolutely free of cost. Hence except Microsoft no one can modify windows kernel and use it for their own purposes but on the other hand any one can simply add different program with the Linux kernel and can create separate Operating system and the most exciting thing is you can modify the Linux kernel & can use it. That is the reason we all find different types of Linux like red hat Linux, suje, etc. Why? Simple…!!! Red Hat company modified the Linux kernel and created their own OS and gave a name Red hat Linux. In the same way ubuntu is created by Canolical Company. Novel created SUSE Linux. But the most common thing is they all use same kernel which is Linux. Hence all of these Operating systems are called Linux based operating systems but in short they all are known as Linux. So indeed Linux does not mean to an operating system rather it refers to a group of Operating system where the main programming funda lies on Kernel. Hence Linux based operating systems are known as Linux distribution or Linux distro. Few more distros are debian, fedora, mandriva, SUSE, open SUSE etc.
1. Is ubuntu a version of Linux like XP, vista for Windows?
Ans:-  No, ubuntu is not a version of Linux. Ubuntu has different types of version like Windows and they are known as jonti, karmic, lusid.

2. Is ubuntu considered to be a Linux? 
Ans:-  Ubuntu is an operating system based on Linux kernel.

3. If ubuntu is considered to be Linux then what is Red hat Linux?  Is red hat Linux a different version of Linux?
Ans:-  As I told earlier, ubuntu is a Linux based operating system. Redhat is also created based on Linux kernel. Ubuntu or redhat are not any version of Linux.

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