Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How To: Hack into college/schools computer and access all blocked social networking sites

Socia networking sites are banned in every college due to study reasons many other sites are also banned like sites which allows online gaming play.but still every one wants to access these sites like facebook, twitter, orlut Myspace ect.... here are some ways with the help of which you can do so.

1.Use Google Translator: Google Translator is a site in which we can translate our URL in any other language so that you can access the blocked site But this trick works only when there is a lower level security scheme used.
2. Use the IP address: If the site is blocked in you system then you can use the ip address. and enter that ip address in the URL and you can access the website. But in case if still you are blocked use your windows calculator and click on scientific calculator and convert the decimal IP address into the Binary numbers. and you can use http and https alternatively sometimes it works.e.g : or
You can use this by converting it in Hexadecimal, octal or in Dword form.
3. Use proxy: you can access blocked sites via proxy server.Proxy servers are the servers which act as an intermediate between you and The site you want to access.Data from the site first come on the proxy server an then it is transmitted to you and your system firewall or the security scheme used in your colleges/schools think that you are accessing the proxy server. Here are following proxy sites through you can access blocked sites

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